The Chris Rogers Online Mind-Body Fitness Program

We Start With a Full Analysis of YOU

Just one quick survey and a "before" picture of you gets the process started. Simply fill out the "Get Started" form and click "Get Started". This does not commit you in any way.

I'll respond with an e-mail and the questionnaire attached. Simply fill out the questionnaire and hit submit. I will look at your picture, review your goals and design a workout and diet for you based on your current conditioning and medical history. Our top priority is getting you to your goals the healthy way, no over-training or low-calorie nutrient depleted diet. I cater to vegan and gluten-free diets and will talk to you about supplements, but you will not be required to take them. You'll be provided with a long list of proteins, fats, dry carbs, veggies and fruits for you to chose from on our food preference sheet. This also assures you a no cookie cutter diet! I even offer suggestions for tasty recipes and seasonings to use. I'll teach you about food choices and food combinations that are best for metabolism and absorption.

Your fitness schedule will utilize techniques that latest modern science has to offer regarding metabolic, HIIT and resistance training. Your cardio will be set to get your metabolism to peak speed for long periods of time. You will not be on a treadmill long enough for cortisol to raise and use lean tissue or bone for fuel. (Yes, I said bone) Your body can convert bone to sugar. I am a certified personal coach and certified in sports nutrition. If you have your own workout that's ok too. We will work with you on nutrition and food choices.

Then Your Journey Begins

Weekly Progress Updates

Once you receive your diet and workout, you will be required to check in via an e-mail and an accountability form once a week. Through this form you will be answering questions that will determine what I do with your diet and your workout at this time. Pictures will be due every week. The pictures are there to let me know what’s really going on. Pictures are better than a scale, because the scale doesn’t account for lean muscle being added (which weighs more than fat) and several other factors.

Virtual Access

You will have my cell phone available to you for questions between weekly meetings. I do not want you waiting 6 days to ask a question. You may call, text or e-mail during reasonable workday hours. I also offer Facetime via iPhones and Tango via Android. Additionally, you will receive a weekly separate e-mail with reminders and tips.

Bottom line, if you join me for 12 weeks you’ll not only have your life changed, but you’ll walk away with a wealth of knowledge that can take you through the rest of your life! Join Warrior Teams today, have fun and let’s rock your goals! To join or for questions, call (248) 568-0322 or CLICK HERE to fill out my "Get Started" form.

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I Couldn't Do it Without Warrior Teams!
After having my third child 2 ½ years ago I really struggled with losing weight. I definitely knew it wouldn’t be easy, so I started running and exercising right away. Unfortunately, I was making no progress. I tried everything from meal replacement shakes, to only eating salads and still seeing no results while doing intense cardio multiple times a day. When I approached warriorteams in July.....
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