Weight Loss Coaching

Lose Weight the Healthy Way, and Keep It Off for Good!

Are you struggling to lose weight and keep it off? You need a weight loss coach!

One-On-One Online Weight Loss Coaching | Warrior Teams - weightloss(1)Weight loss coaching is for anyone who wants to lose weight the healthy way and keep it off for good. By combining science, your body, and your own personal reality, I teach you how to live and manage a healthier, fit lifestyle. Let’s face it, no two bodies are the same and there is no cookie cutter way to approach weight loss correctly, which is why some people struggle with out of the box weight-loss programs. Your nutritional needs are dependent on several factors such as starting weight, the ability to exercise and the lifestyle you lead. At Warrior Teams, I take the time to design and tailor a program specifically for you and your lifestyle. No two programs are the same, meaning I come up with an entirely different approach for the person that travels for their job and has to exercise at hotels then I would for the mom who is battling the schedules of herself and her three busy kids. 

We Start by Focusing Your Mind

One-On-One Online Weight Loss Coaching | Warrior Teams - fitnessmindWhat makes our weight loss coaching successful is that we help you with the toughest part, the mindset. Most people, regardless of who they hire, quit at the first hiccup. Most "trainers" aren’t qualified to get you back on track. They simply say, "You can do it!" Not me. I take the time to help you figure out the "Why." Why did you quit? What has changed from when you started? What's causing you to sabotage your results?  I help you dig deep to find out what's holding you back so you can get back at it and reach success. 

After you get past the first failure, does that mean you won't fail again? Absolutely not! Nobody is perfect and things happen. In the event that you do have a setback, I'll help you get back up, guide you and teach you how to deal with it. Everyone fails at some point.  Eventually, your failures become fewer and fewer as you develop healthy habits and get stronger in the body and in the mind. I will be there every step of the way. Trust me, after coaching over 1000+ people I have heard and dealt with everything from eating disorders, poor relationships with food and hectic work schedules, to enabling friends and family. You name it, I’ve helped people work through it. I assure you together, we can get through any obstacle and we will reach your goal!

This is Not a Weight-Loss Challenge. This is a Weight-Loss Choice.

Most places that have personal training know that the biggest challenge is keeping people long enough to get results. A typical go-to tactic they use to keep people on board and focused are “Weight Loss Challenges.” The problem with motivating through challenges is, that when you have a 21, 30 or 60-day challenge, it triggers a drive in you that will make you want to lose weight at any cost. You begin eating less, exercising too much, taking pills, doing detoxes, living on shakes and protein bars and essentially ruining your body at the same time you lose weight. If I told you what you were doing to your metabolism, thyroid, liver, kidneys, digestive system, etc., you'd never do it again. Then, when the challenge is over, you go back to your old ways and destructive habits because you still don’t understand what's good for your body. Ultimately, weight loss challenges put you in a worse position than when you started.

Have you ever heard someone say, "I don't get it, I did this challenge, lost 20 pounds in one month, then after the challenged ended I started gaining weight back quickly. Now I weigh even more than when I started!"

Sign up for my weight loss coaching program and I'll explain to you why this happens, how to avoid it, and help your body love you again. Simply go to the web form on the side of the screen that says, "Get Started Here." Fill it out and I'll send you all the information (including pricing) to get you on your way to a healthy relationship with food and your body! 

No More Guesswork!
I hired Chris Rogers (Warrior Teams) because I tried several things (It Works products, Shakeology, Weight Watchers, and Plexus, just to name a few) and nothing was working. I had always been a pretty healthy eater, or so I thought… Turns out even though the foods I was eating were in fact “healthy”, I was eating them wrong. Chris taught me the proper way to eat and it didn’t involve counting calories, going hungry, or eating the same boring thing for every meal. The best part? I eat carbs (yes you read that right), have more energy, my skin is clearer, and I just overall feel better.
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