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Meet Chris Rogers: Online Fitness Coach & Nutritional Expert - mensphysiqueFirst, let me introduce myself. My name is Chris Rogers, and I'm the owner of

I have enjoyed the active healthy lifestyle for most of my adult life. Prior to age 13, I was “forced” to eat healthy. Seriously, my mom gave me shakes in the morning with orange juice, wheat germ and egg whites, plus a hand full of vitamins. Do you know what's it's like to burp garlic or fish oil in class in the 3rd grade? Gag reflexes were tested! As an adult, I choose to lead a healthy and active life. I started out as a weekend warrior, doing downhill ski racing and mountain biking whenever I could. From there, I moved on to become a sponsored athlete by USPlabs. My involvement in the supplement industry sparked my desire to help others lead a healthy, sustainable life.  Thus, my journey as a fitness coach began.

My Qualifications

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As a student of fitness, I have earned several certifications in personal training and sports nutrition. As a fitness and nutrition consultant, I have designed workouts for publication in Men's Fitness Magazine, as well as designed diet plans for USPlabs®. As a competitor, I’ve earned three Top-10 national finishes in men's physique, including sixth place at the Arnold Classic open class.

I'm continuing my education to cater to my clients’ needs by becoming a board-certified life coach. I find many of my clients have poor relationships with food due to stress from prior life events, both of which can prevent fat loss due to high cortisol levels in the body. Understanding how to address this issue will only further my ability to provide a sustainable, life changing healthy-living program for those who need help.

Through online coaching, my goal is to teach you about healthy eating choices, structure fitness programs that you can commit to and to help you find true motivation for making the lifestyle changes needed to lose the weight and keep it off. After a brief consultation, we will work through any food issues you may have, create your personal nutrition and fitness program and then begin your journey of getting strong, feeling great and losing weight!

Customized Programs with Proven Success

The Benefits of Online Training and Coaching

  • Cost Effective: When compared to national gyms, an online program can save you 50% or more over the cost of a local personal trainer.
  • Flexibility: With an online fitness program, you can workout wherever and whenever is best for you; you'll never run into a scheduling conflict. Local personal trainers take time off for vacations or illness, and can bump you for another client or cancel a session at a moment’s notice.
  • Consistency: With national gyms, you can get stuck with a random trainer. With online training, you know exactly who your coach is and what his or her qualifications are.
  • Train Anywhere: I give you the tools you need to be successful, no matter where you live or travel.
  • Nutrition Advice: With me, you go on a total mind-body fitness journey. I help you understand the importance of nutrition and fueling your body properly. An on-staff personal trainer at the gym is not there to understand your eating habits or lifestyle. They are only there to take you through a workout routine.
  • Workout at Your Pace: With online training, you can take as long as needed to complete the workout. You can focus on form while you are learning the routines. When you are at the gym, your personal training sessions are scheduled. Your workout is over when your time is up, even if you didn’t get through the routine.
I Had a Fantastic Coach to Keep Me on Track!
Undoing 20+ years of bad habits and poor choices was not/is not always easy. Thanks to Chris Rogers and Warrior Teams, I had a plan for diet and exercise, I had support, and I had accountability to a fantastic coach to keep me on the right track. I know that that the race is never won. It isn't a fitness challenge. I am building a new, healthy lifestyle. I feel like a new person, inside and out!
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