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Welcome to our budget friendly coaching


With this option you don't have the one on one support or weekly check-ins but you will receive the following.  

  • A diet and workout that will work for your goals based on a questionnaire you fill out. The diet will be based on things like your end goal, height, gender, and will give you a large variety of foods, all spelled out for you on an excel spread sheet. You will also know the grams of carbs, protein, and fats in each food item, for each meal and for the entire day. You will also know the measurements and calories for each food item, meal, and for the day. It's a very easy to understand diet and very informative. 
  • The workout will be based on your goals and if you workout in home or at a gym. 
  • You will also get videos twice a week that are educational or motivational. 
  • Your diet and workout will change every 30 days. 
  • you will also have a full list of condiments you can use. 
  • Access to the group Facebook page for support of other members, progress pics, recipes and encouragement if needed. 


Budget Friendly Coaching  - Warrior Teams - 12316206_10153865633076458_4998448159035411278_nThis program is only $49.00 to get your initial set up, and $49.00 a month. If this looks good to you, click the link below to get started today!


If you have questions, you can simply e-mail questions@warriorteams.com 




If you'd like to see pricing for one on one coaching with everything you see above plus 

  • Full support via e-mail, phone, text and facetime the entire term of your coaching
  • Phone "Get to know you interview" before starting
  • Weekly check-ins 
  • And Last a food preference sheet

Go to the home page, click on "Start with a free consultation" Then fill out the web form on the right side of the page, and we'll get back to you shortly with all the options. 

I Learned Healthier Habits that Changed My Life!
Stacey, a busy Chicago mom of 3 (all under 5) couldn't get the weight off no matter what she tried. Under our guidance she took the weight off in JUST 10 WEEKS! We provided a customized diet and exercise program that allowed her the flexibility to choose the foods she liked and workouts she could perform in her home. She learned healthier habits that fit her lifestyle and continues to keep the weight off!
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