Doctor Referrals

Doctor Referred Fitness and Nutrition Coaching

Are you having serious health issues that are associated with your weight or diet?

Doctor Referred Fitness & Nutrition Coaching | Warrior Teams - doctorIf so, your health insurance may be willing to cover a portion, if not all, of the cost of coaching! Several of my past clients have had their insurance company reimburse them for their coaching. In fact, some of them didn't even have a current health issue and just received coaching as a completely preventative matter. All you need to do is receive a referral from your doctor, then talk to your insurance provider about covering the preventative service of fitness and nutrition coaching. More companies are willing to help than you think!

Many companies are also willing to cover my coaching services, just talk to your HR department!
More information about corporate coaching can be found here.

Why Insurance Companies Cover Our Services

Health insurance costs continue to increase due to the poor health status of Americans. This is because insurance providers are having to shell out more and more money to treat the health issues of their clients. They are beginning to realize they can cut cost immensely by investing in preventative practices or treating the root of the issue, versus paying for costly treatments and medications. In turn, this can even lead to lower health insurance cost for you too! 

Talk to your insurance provider today!

If you have been referred by your doctor, please fill out our form and specify which doctor is referring you in the comment box. 

Passed my PT test!
This is a message from Dr. Karl, He came to me wanting to get in shape for a PT test in the Air Force to be a Doctor for them: “I am comfortably fitting into 36 pants which I have not done in years, to the point I had to go buy new uniform pants for my Air Force uniform and can get back into my Dress Uniform pants I started with 15 years ago.  I am also seeing much more definition in my shoulders.”
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