Sports Coaching

Weekend Warrior Coaching

Are you and your friends training to compete in a Tough Mudder, Warrior Dash, the Color Run or some other exciting run or obstacle course?

Online Sports & Athletic Coaching Program | Warrior Teams - sportscoachingIf so, I can give you the edge you need to be competitive in these races. In my weekend warrior coaching program, I will prepare you for these exciting challenges in both training and diet, helping you to fly through the courses with ease!

Athletes/competitors receive a full workout plan, including weights/conditioning and a diet broken down by protein, carbs, fats and calories. You will meet with me via phone once a week to go over your past week’s progress and your upcoming weeks goals.

Sports Coaching for Middle School, High School and College Athletes

Online Sports & Athletic Coaching Program | Warrior Teams - sportsMiddle school and high school sports are nothing like they were 20 years ago. Rather than being good at multiple sports, today’s athletes are usually focusing on one sport and investing everything into it.

With programs available at early ages, the competition to get a spot on the team and stand out is fierce. Athletes need to have every edge that they can get. Camps and clinics are great for overall skill development, But if your athlete is not being coached in strength, power, explosiveness, conditioning, and nutrition in the off-season, he or she may end up on the bench half the time. Thus, they probably won’t get to the college or pro level.

With Warrior Teams' online sports coaching, you will learn the latest in metabolic training, agility training, functional, HIIT and powerlifting, all custom to your athlete, his or her sport and the position he or she plays. Your athlete will learn how many calories his or her body needs to consume in a day to maintain healthy muscles and metabolism. Your athlete will also learn about the calories taken in, why you take them in, in what form and what time of the day.

Getting Started

First, we have a questionnaire for the athlete to fill out. This questionnaire will let me know everything I need to know about him or her. The athlete then submits the questionnaire back to us with a "before" picture. We take that information and design a workout and diet for the athlete. The workout will be good for three weeks and the diet will be adjusted based on the athlete’s energy levels throughout the day and during workouts. Diets will be adjusted after weekly meetings.

Once the athlete receives his or her diet and workouts, the athlete will be required to check in every week. This is done by filling out a questionnaire as to how the week went, both with diet and workouts. We will then go over the previous week’s progress and upcoming week’s goals. Adjustments will be made at that time based on results. Athletes will have my cell phone number to call or text questions to outside of their meeting times. They will also have my e-mail address. I don’t want any athlete waiting 6 days to ask a question.

For further questions about my sports coaching programs, please feel free to contact me, Chris Rogers, at (248) 568-0322.

I love the way I feel!
Thanks so much, Chris!  In the first 6 weeks, you helped me get past about a 3-4 year plateau, and pretty much convincing myself that my body just couldn't get any fitter in my 40's. THANKS for proving me wrong, and setting me on this fitness path that incorporates the power of the mind, as well as, diet, and exercise! I was letting myself get in the way of ME!  Most of all, I love the way I feel, the energy, no more stomach/digestion issues with poor food choice, no sugar cravings, better sleep...I could go on and on!  I am truly grateful for all of your support! Now after 12 weeks I'm gonna keep this train moving!
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