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Whether you simply need to get healthy and lose weight to live a happier, more energized life or want to get into competition shape, I can help you get there. My programs are designed specifically to you, your lifestyle and your challenges. Take a look at the incredible transformations some of my clients have achieved:

I’ve learned a lot throughout this process and have nothing but positive feedback for it!! Always been a healthy eater but really learned portion control and minimalistic cooking ... and to be content with it!! I haven’t been perfect but am hoping to reach my goal of 125 in the next few weeks but even if I don’t, I can tell you I am already much happier with my lifestyle and image. So thank you for that :) 

Katie Stawara

Corunna Mi 

Success Stories & Transformations | Warrior Teams - 1520862918550So this morning I got to wear my new size 26 jeans, never did I ever dream I would be that small again.  Your program  is awesome!! I have definitely learned how to eat better!






Chris,Success Stories & Transformations | Warrior Teams - Woods_Race_resized

 The race went great. The pullups and workout plan helped a lot. The food you suggested for race day was great too. I went through the race with no problems. I completed all my obstacles with no issues. I am proud that followed your regime. You have me running through the course like a beast.   Extremely Happy Client.  You are the man……

Success Stories & Transformations | Warrior Teams - IMG_0529

Success Stories & Transformations | Warrior Teams - 2017-06-12_0857Success Stories & Transformations | Warrior Teams - 17757635_10155230366566458_7183046476808300403_n_(2) 






Morgan Mark 

Redford Mi 


Success Stories & Transformations | Warrior Teams - 14463283_10154623438541458_8402230312255941805_n_(1)"After having my third child 2 ½ years ago I really struggled with losing weight. I definitely knew it wouldn’t be easy, so I started running and exercising right away. Unfortunately, I was making no progress. I tried everything from meal replacement shakes, to only eating salads and still seeing no results while doing intense cardio multiple times a day. When I approached warriorteams in July, Chris practically doubled my food intake and cut my working out in half, with very minimal cardio. I was extremely skeptical, but within the first week I lost about 10 pounds. I haven’t really been very hungry throughout this process, maybe at most 30 minutes between meals. I am meal-prepping usually twice a week, which usually takes me about an hour, and quite frankly as a full-time working mom of three, it is much easier to not even have to think about it and have pre-made meals ready to go. The increase in my energy is phenomenal. I have always been an avid coffee drinker, multiple cups throughout the day. Now I’m drinking one cup of coffee in the morning and that is more than enough. I have also noticed a dramatic improvement in the quality of my sleep at night. I’m so glad I made this decision as it has really been a complete game-changer and lifestyle overhaul that doesn’t feel restrictive, or like I’m constantly on a diet."

Aileen Cohen
St. Johns Mi

Success Stories & Transformations | Warrior Teams - PicsArt_12-27-02"Undoing 20+ years of bad habits and poor choices was not/is not always easy. Thanks to Chris Rogers and Warrior Teams, I had a plan for diet and exercise, I had support, and I had accountability to a fantastic coach to keep me on the right track. I know that that the race is never won. It isn't a fitness challenge. I am building a new, healthy lifestyle. I feel like a new person, inside and out!"

Matt Handyside
Northville Mi


Success Stories & Transformations | Warrior Teams - 15085676_10154775261736458_1634426020950243280_n"Thanks so much, Chris!  In the first 6 weeks, you helped me get past about a 3-4 year plateau, and pretty much convincing myself that my body just couldn't get any fitter in my 40's. THANKS for proving me wrong, and setting me on this fitness path that incorporates the power of the mind, as well as, diet, and exercise! I was letting myself get in the way of ME!  Most of all, I love the way I feel, the energy, no more stomach/digestion issues with poor food choice, no sugar cravings, better sleep...I could go on and on!  I am truly grateful for all of your support! Now after 12 weeks I'm gonna keep this train moving!"

Jennifer Plagens
Northville MI

Success Stories & Transformations | Warrior Teams - Krogol_Mandy"A few months back I was introduced (virtually) to Chris Rogers of Warrior Teams. If you don't know him, you should. At 40 I noticed a big change in the way that my body was reacting, rather NOT reacting, to my food intake and workouts. I have always considered my lifestyle to be fairly healthy, but something changed. It sounds cliche, but literally everything about my body was different and I didn't feel healthy. I want to be clear that this has nothing to do with weight. After speaking with Chris about my goals and where I wanted to be, he put me to work. For the last 3 months he has managed my meal planning and workouts. I was looking for a lifestyle change (not a fad diet or quick fix...they will never work). I've never met Chris in person. He coaches me through email and this works for my busy life of being a mom, wife, homeowner, and work travel.
I finally feel like my old self again. Actually, I feel so much better than that. If you are looking for a fitness coach, go ahead and contact Chris Rogers @ Warrior Teams. You won't be sorry!"

Mandy Krogol 
Pleasant Ridge MI

Success Stories & Transformations | Warrior Teams - PicsArt_07-27-10"This is a message from Dr. Karl, He came to me wanting to get in shape for a PT test in the Air Force to be a Doctor for them. I am comfortably fitting into 36 pants which I have not done in years, to the point I had to go buy new uniform pants for my Air Force uniform and can get back into my Dress Uniform pants I started with 15 years ago.  I am also seeing much more definition in my shoulders."

Dr Karl Edelmann
Ann Arbor Mi


Success Stories & Transformations | Warrior Teams - 13012633_10154164037766458_6050087654777332559_n"I hired Chris Rogers (Warrior Teams) because I tried several things (It Works products, Shakeology, Weight Watchers, and Plexus, just to name a few) and nothing was working. I had always been a pretty healthy eater, or so I thought… Turns out even though the foods I was eating were in fact “healthy”, I was eating them wrong. Chris taught me the proper way to eat and it didn’t involve counting calories, going hungry, or eating the same boring thing for every meal. The best part? I eat carbs (yes you read that right), have more energy, my skin is clearer, and I just overall feel better. What I loved about the workouts were that they weren’t everyday, they didn’t exceed 45 minutes and unlike with a personal trainer, I made my own schedule. The days I didn’t feel like working out or was unsure of how to do a certain exercise, Chris was always just a call/text/email away with the support, advice, or instruction I needed.  Even though Warrior Teams begins by taking out all the guess work for you (meal and work out plans), you’re left with tools you can carry on throughout the rest of your life. With Warrior Teams you learn how to create a healthier, realistic lifestyle to not only reach your health goals, but maintain them too. Thank you Chris for changing my life! Seriously, go hire Chris today, you can never go wrong investing in yourself! "

Sarah Barrer
Clinton Township MI

"Chris- Thank you for your constant support. You always seem to say the right thing when I need it most. Today's workout was my best yet, and I couldn't be happier!"

Lindsay Schuller
Sterling Heights MI

Success Stories & Transformations | Warrior Teams - 13754231_10154404105426458_708502493866200059_n"Use Chris Rogers, you won't be sorry. I'm finally seeing the results I've wanted all along!"

Jodi Lamb- Merlo
Troy MI







Success Stories & Transformations | Warrior Teams - 13770494_10154413026551458_8055958844103503348_n"Seriously, do you know how hard I was working without results?! Fasting, HIT 5x a week, running 5-9 miles a week, countless research, and articles about how woman over 40 are destined to gain weight! OMG Thank you!!!!  "The work Chris at Warrior Teams is so tremendously important. I know that even when the rest of my life might be a disaster at times, I can count on him to hold me accountable, keep me on track and help me achieve results no other coach/trainer has. There is no better feeling of empowerment!"

Tina Gaskell 
Naperville IL

Success Stories & Transformations | Warrior Teams - Sergeichik_Megan_Pic_"Hey chris! So after 9 weeks I can say I'm impressed with my results so far! When I Compare week 1 and 9 I see a tremendous improvement in my body."

Megan Sergeichik 
Westland MI






Success Stories & Transformations | Warrior Teams - 12950324_856883827790660_1744778009_n"I really appreciate you working with me over the last several months. When I look back at my first picture when I thought I was in decent shape, I am blown away.  Seriously, thank you so much for the encouragement and letting me work out with you.  I appreciate you!"

Nicole Heathman 
Lansing MI




"This is the lowest I have ever been!! Thank you so much you are absolutely amazing!!!!!"

Sierra Calhoun
Ypsilanti MI

"Chris, thanks again for your help.  I've had an awesome experience working with you and watching my body improve while testing my dedication and resolve.  I'll keep in touch and would love to work with you again in the future."

Kimball Burton
Southgate MI

"These workouts are amazing! I thought I would never find a workout that made me hurt/sweat more than at bootcamp - and I am loving how much I can feel it."

Sabrina Halfmann
East Lansing MI

Success Stories & Transformations | Warrior Teams - 11925722_600837703426259_474404125_n"Hey Coach Chris, as I prepare for my 12th week under your guidance I wanted to thank you for everything you have taught me about training, diet and myself. There was never a time you weren't there to educate and support me on this journey. Every time I had a question, concern or needed a shove you were there to offer advice and encouragement. Your patience with me was above and beyond. Your program and coaching has taught me the value and benefits of self discipline and determination and the rewards that go with it. So, thanks again coach."

Detective/Sergeant Glenn
Dearborn Police

I still can't believe that I'm seeing progress this fast, it definitely makes sticking to the diet a lot easier.  Thank Chris!

Greg Fleming Jr.
Whitman MA

Success Stories & Transformations | Warrior Teams - 0310_7

Christina Small 
Champagne IL









Success Stories & Transformations | Warrior Teams - 11923202_10153654470591458_1358089408382628557_n"Thank you for being a great coach!! This truly has been a life changing experience for me -- mentally and physically. I think I was pretty intimidated by the process when I first started, but you did a great job of reading my pace and working with that and giving me positive reinforcement when I needed it. So thanks again and I most definitely will refer you!!"

Shruti Tejwani
Olathe Kansas


Success Stories & Transformations | Warrior Teams - 12316206_10153865633076458_4998448159035411278_n"Keep me posted if you do come out with a fat burner or write a book, you should do it for the lost souls wasting their time of fad diets! Most importantly, thank you again for helping me change my life! Size 6! In your face old fat pants!!"

Stacey Smith 
Lake Barrington IL





Success Stories & Transformations | Warrior Teams - 12508763_10153934763901458_6301573052892939393_n"Overall Chris I feel unbelievable. I feel like my body LOVES me thank you so much for everything!!"

Sadie Morway, MS, AT, ATC, CSCS
Certified Athletic Trainer
Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist 
The Center for Physical Rehabilitation 
Catholic Central High School




Success Stories & Transformations | Warrior Teams - Hanes_Christie"I just wanted to thank you. I have never been so confident in my own skin and it hasn't even been 4 weeks. The muscle I'm seeing and the improvements in strength mean much more to me than a number on a scale. My clothes fit differently, I love the way everything looks on me, and I'm in a better mood. Being away from my husband is the hardest thing I've ever done but I love being a military wife. Doing the program you've assigned me is what I focus on each day and it helps me forget about the loneliness and each day is a bit easier. I know this is your job and I paid you to help me, but it's much more than that."

C. Hanes 
Alma MI

"just wanted to say thanks.  Pretty amazed at how different I feel already (and how sore my lats are ........I've never really had those. I might ACTUALLY have lats ) I've wanted to do this for myself for a long time, but finding someone who knows what you know and offers what you offer...well. . . . it never happened. So - thanks bud :)  can't wait to see what's next!"

Brad Lieto 
Monroe Mi

Success Stories & Transformations | Warrior Teams - 2016-07-15_1936"I'm really enjoying this process and these workouts a lot! I've been getting a lot of people noticing my progress already. So thank you for all that you've already done!"

Lauren Koneczny
New Baltimore MI






"Chris, you have not idea how much your words mean to me. Now, I am convinced you have my back! And that means the world to me! I am totally goal oriented and that helps me reach my goals faster, that is why I was asking about competing. I have been always an overachiever and sometimes I put to much on my plate and drive myself crazy! Really, thank you so much for being a real coach!! This fitness journey is already proving to be amazing!!!"

Kelly Machniak
Howell MI

Success Stories & Transformations | Warrior Teams - 2016-07-15_1939"One month working out with @warriorteams and I am amazed! I have been busting my ass for years and I've never seen changes like this, I plateaued before I had the body I wanted doing it my way. Hiring Chris Rogers as a coach was the best decision I've made in my fitness and nutrition journey. Major changes, and I'm sooo excited to see where we go from here!"

Nicole Yaeger 
Ann Arbor MI



Success Stories & Transformations | Warrior Teams - 2016-07-15_1924"Coach!!! This is crazy! I can't believe how far I've come in such a short time! I just looked at my before pic and today... It's crazy I tried for years to get my body to look like you've made it look in just 6 short weeks, and I'm soo much stronger! I wish I would have done this a long time ago, but I didn't even know coaches like you were a thing! People are coming up to me in the gym left and right saying how great I look now. I hope you know who's sending you all these referrals. lol"

Sumedha Makker
Auburn Hills MI

"I thought you might like to hear this... Today we had our after break fitness testing for lacrosse. We have to do planks until fatigue, pushups until fatigue, wall sits until fatigue, a half mile, and these short suicide sprints. My plank was 1:10 longer than when I left for break, my wall sit was 1:37 longer, I did 46 pushups which was 9 more than before, and my sprints were an average of 11.9 seconds before break and today they were 10.5. I am so happy with my progress and now it is relating to lacrosse. It was such great motivation so I thought I would share it with you!"

Alyssa Shaver
Swartz Creek Mi

Success Stories & Transformations | Warrior Teams - 10414503_10101289435263492_5349514306511161399_n"The transformation you have made with me is insane. I feel so much more confident going in to my next show knowing that you could have my body looking the way it does now. So many people ask me if my dieting is healthy etc... The best way to explain it is all the food you have me eating is food I enjoy. It doesn't really feel like dieting. Although I get sweet cravings every now and then, I genuinely don't get sick of my meals because you change them! Thanks for everything! I'm so glad you were able to take my body to four trophies including winning the overall! Thanks for investing your time on me and believing in me! I'm so glad it all paid off! On to the next show!"

Sierra Roach
Toledo OH

"I had no idea what to expect from on line training, but with Warrior teams I would do it again in a second!  I found the program totally results oriented.  The guidance was there as needed.  The food plan easy to follow, I thought I was eating well and training well before, this program has taught me so much I can take forward with me.  Chris knows how to sculpt the body and at the same time feed it so it responds to the training. I'm over 40, 2 kids, have never felt better!  Thank you Chris and Warrior Team."

Cathy Missios
Richmond Hill Ontario

Success Stories & Transformations | Warrior Teams - 10374463_10152852628414036_7411306210575569466_n"I've never had this body before, it's life changing." After being under new coaching, I see the smallest changes all the time. I'm a bit over 10 weeks out from a show that I will finally be prepared to compete in. No more putting off shows. I'm happy with my progress, thanks to my coach Chris Rogers!"

Dani McDonald
Monroe MI




"I am really appreciative at how much support I have gotten from you so far. I will not let you down!"

Gina Pons
Lansing MI

"Hey Chris, I just wanted to thank you once more for everything! I appreciate all your guidance, your time, and all of your encouragement over the last few months :)"

Nathalie Botezatu
Kalamazoo MI

"Seriously Chris, I think you're a God send... I have struggled for two years with my body, and because of you I'm finally starting to feel and look better! I can't wait to see my transformation continue. I feel so blessed to be under your expertise."

Brittany Roush
Massillon OH

Success Stories & Transformations | Warrior Teams - 10455430_10152625005381458_6187040632595490646_n"Hey coach, I just wanted to tell you how happy I am, I can't believe I just won the overall bikini class!!! You are awesome, I didn't know what to expect when we started, I just knew how happy my sister was with your coaching! Thank you again sooo much. I'm soo excited :D"

Shelbi Neumann
Overall Bikini Winner Nicole Wilkin's, Sterling Heights MI



"Hey Coach, I wanted to let you know, I'm constantly amazed at the way my body is changing. I always thought my fast metabolism made it so I would never get muscle! You have no idea how grateful I am for you and all your help. Thanks so much!"

Jason Patterson
Redford MI

"You're doing an awesome job for me! I've referred you to a few different people."

Beth Akerley
Wolverine Lk MI

"I've done a lot of circuits for softball and rugby at Princeton, and I have to say that this was the hardest one I've yet to do. Way to kick my butt"

Sarah Rounsifer

"Coach, we're coming down to the end of my contest prep, and I'm floored by what you've done with my body! I have never looked like this or imagined I could. The craziest thing is that I've never gotten close to these results with a personal trainer and I've never even met you! You are amazing! You've inspired me to get my personal training and nutrition certifications so someday I can become a coach for Warrior Teams."

Sergio Esmeral
Montgomery Village MD

"Even without working out a ton, I have lost weight and I am eating so much!!!!! I can’t believe it! Thank you soooo much Chris! Sorry to have doubted you! I am so grateful for your help!!"

Amy Kangleon
San Diego CA

Success Stories & Transformations | Warrior Teams - 10736195_891410024217033_1068680184_n"Ok I lost 2lbs, I was getting worried there for a while. Just want to thank you so so much for these past few weeks. I'm so happy with the way my body is changing! Your diets and workouts are so easy to follow and not boring at all. You're also always right on top of my questions :)) "

Brianna Neumann
Overall Bikini Winner Grand Rapids National Qualifier, Sterling Heights MI



"Teaming up with Warrior Physique has been a wonderful experience. The overwhelming support of warrior athletes has been outstanding."

Dean Tullio
Midwest Product Educator, USPlabs LLC

"I will mention my coach Chris has been just as dedicated to me with great, nutritional advice, workout regiment and emotional / moral support. Neogenix has supplied me w amazing preworkout, and endurance products. HIT, w a multivitamin. Thank you all . You will be mentioned w contest pics."

Riordan AZ

"Hey Chris, I'd like to thank you for being so quick to respond to my bazillion questions every week, you've been so great and incredibly accommodating, it's been a great experience."

Ashlee LaCompte, MI

"I feel very fortunate to have found a fitness coach that truly cares about my health and progress. I'm 9 days from competing in my second competition, and I've just had the best workout I've had in a while. He has my nutrition dialed in for sure."

Justin Legg
Flat Rock Illinois

"Chris Rogers has been an excellent mentor and friend. I’m always learning new things from him and if I have a question I don’t need to wait till check- in day I can just text him and get an answer. Thanks to the knowledge and years of experience coach Chris has been able to adjust my diet and change my work out plan according to my body. I am proud to be part of the warrior physique team."

Sergio Esmeral
Montgomery Village, MD

"Good morning Coach...I just sent my forms in and i wanted to say that I'm so happy I am down 6 lbs already and my muscles are popping again.. My bloating is gone, and my stomach is flat again!"

Sharon Trickett

"After my first competition I was very discouraged in where I placed. However, not long after the competition I began to look for a coach and that is when I found Warrior Teams!!! Chris Rogers, has been an inspiration, his program works great. After being on his diet for only two weeks I began to feel/look way better than I did during my first contest preparation. I truly believe in Warrior Teams they will do everything in their power to ensure you’re on point and on the right path for the next competition. I will definitely continue on with Warrior Teams as they are my second family. Thank you, Chris Rogers for all your help during my transformation."

Juan Avila
Fremont CA

"The Warrior Physique team has been an amazing team to be a part of. I love that the team is so encouraging and supportive. I have been with Warrior for almost two months and I see drastic changes with my body. The first 4 weeks for me were so incredible I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I had no clue that with a good diet and exercise plan, what my body was capable of. Chris Rogers, the owner of the team, is the best coach to work with. His main goal is to make you better and that pushes you to do the best you can every day.
Working with Chris and the team makes working out and eating better a whole lot easier. It’s great to know that there are other people doing what you’re doing, understanding the same frustrations you may be having, and being there to push you on those days where you may need a little bit more motivation.
The toughest part for me was getting used to making time to prep your meals for the week and grocery shop. I was totally the girl to go out and eat whatever, wherever. Now it’s just a part of my daily life. I always hear “failure to plan is planning to fail” and it is 100% true.
Chris also has a team Facebook wall set up. Its private and all the team members write motivational stuff, share their progress, just to talk about a problem, whatever. It’s like having a workout family available to you 24/7. One of my favorite parts of being on the team is being able to connect with your fit-fam any time of the day. I workout with one team member, grocery shop with another, and practice my stage presents with another. It truly is like having a family who supports you 110%.
Chris, on a personal level, is amazing. He is available to talk whenever about your progress, diet, competition, anything. He is always super encouraging. He tweaks my diets and workouts according to how my body responds to whatever he gave me previously to make me better. Also there are many females on the team who have competed before and are great motivators and there for you if you need a female’s opinion on something (where to buy your competition shoes, which bikini is more appropriate, etc...).
Initially, I was nervous to join the team just because I never thought I could do what I’m accomplishing now on a daily basis. Making the decision to join the team was the best decision I’ve made for myself. I am coming along great with the diet and exercise plan I have mapped out for me. If you are thinking about joining, stop thinking and JUST DO IT! You will not regret your decision. REMEMBER, YOU CAN DO THIS!!!"

Kristen Hall, MI

I Learned Healthier Habits that Changed My Life!
Stacey, a busy Chicago mom of 3 (all under 5) couldn't get the weight off no matter what she tried. Under our guidance she took the weight off in JUST 10 WEEKS! We provided a customized diet and exercise program that allowed her the flexibility to choose the foods she liked and workouts she could perform in her home. She learned healthier habits that fit her lifestyle and continues to keep the weight off!
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