Competition Coaching

Men’s and Women’s Online Competition Coaching

Get competition coaching from an experienced competitor and certified fitness and nutrition coach.

Online Competition Coaching for Men & Women | Warrior Teams - Picture1I am a national level Men’s Physique competitor, NPC test judge and 29 year fitness veteran. I am a certified personal coach with additional certification in sports nutrition. I will design a diet and workout based on your goals and timelines. Your competition coaching will include help with show selection, suit selection, back stage prep and posing.

You will be expected to call in once a week to go over your diet and workout from the previous week. Since every competitor progresses at different rates, I tailor my coaching specific to your goals. New goals for the upcoming week will always be based on the prior week’s results. Pictures will need to be provided whenever a concern arises or once every other week.

About My Competition Coaching Program

Your individualized competition coaching program begins with a full analysis of you. It starts with filling out a questionnaire and submitting it to me by email, along with a current picture of you. We will design a your workout and diet based on your goals, the picture and your medical history. Our top priority is getting you stage-ready the healthy way. You will not receive a low calorie, carbohydrate depleted diet that will damage your metabolism and kidneys. You will be prepped with the latest program modern science has to offer, including metabolic, HIIT and resistance training. Your cardio will be set to get your metabolism at peak speed for long periods of time.

The Process

Online Competition Coaching for Men & Women | Warrior Teams - Picture2Once you receive your diet and workout, you will be required to check in via e-mail once a week. At your check-in, you will answer some questions that will determine what we do with your diet for the next week. Your workout will pretty much stay the same for 3 weeks at a time. Pictures will be due every two weeks. Within 30 days of competition, they will be due every week. Within two weeks they will be due every few days, depending on how close you are to “stage-ready.” I will be available by cell phone for questions between weekly meetings. I do not want you waiting 6 days to ask a question. You may call, text or e-mail.

A Note About Women’s Competition Training

Online Competition Coaching for Men & Women | Warrior Teams - 1779154_847100358643354_2174291874169590573_nCoaching a woman is very different than a man. Hormones and digestive systems are just some of the things that can change a woman's body. My goal is to quickly figure out what your body will respond to and get your metabolism to peak level.

Chris has been recognized for his expertise and skill. He was featured in an advertisement for USPLabs and was a guest writer for Men's Fitness magazine. With his knowledge and experience, he can help transform you into the body you have always wanted. Now coaching in the US and Canada. For more information on competition coaching, please fill out the form on this page or call me directly.

Online Competition Coaching for Men & Women | Warrior Teams - 1175280_10153199402730319_1662911448_n

A More Confident Show!
The transformation you have made with me is insane. I feel so much more confident going in to my next show knowing that you could have my body looking the way it does now. So many people ask me if my dieting is healthy etc... The best way to explain it is all the food you have me eating is food I enjoy. It doesn't really feel like dieting.
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