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Fitness and nutrition are the keys to healthy living

Online Fitness & Nutrition Coaching Program | Warrior Teams - fitnessnutritionFirst and foremost, we need to fuel our bodies with the correct foods in order for our internal systems to work properly. Eating the right foods at the right time and in the best combination will help your body process the nutrients easier, giving you the most benefits from what you eat. Secondly, training programs are rarely one-size-fits-all. You need a coach who can assess your physical ability now, structure a workout to help you gain strength without injury and adapt it as you progress and plateau through the year.

Our program will give you the education and the tools you need to make healthy decisions at home, in the grocery store, at the restaurant, and in the gym.

Fad Diets Don’t Work!

Online Fitness & Nutrition Coaching Program | Warrior Teams - faddietsThe key to weight loss is eating the right foods in the proper portions, at the right time of day. Not only can “fad diets” slow your metabolism, they could cause permanent damage to your kidneys, and for what? Since fad diets only change your eating habits temporarily, the results never last. Keep reading to find out why.

One gram of glycogen is stored with about three grams of water in your body. This means that when glycogen is used, water weight is lost in the process. Many “fad diets” take advantage of this phenomenon by specifying a low calorie, high protein diet, which can deplete liver and muscle glycogen in 24 to 48hrs. This can result in several pounds of weight loss from water alone, which is mistaken for a fat loss in the body. Moreover, because most weight loss diets are low in calories, within a few days the body eliminates a few pounds of gastrointestinal bulk. This is also mistakenly perceived as a loss in body fat. A week or two of fad dieting results in a loss of several pounds of water weight and gastrointestinal bulk, with perhaps only a mere pound of body fat. This is one reason why the body quickly almost overnight gains the weight back.  -International Sports Science Association

At Warrior Teams, I teach you what it means to eat healthily and how to make smart choices in restaurants and grocery stores. You’ll learn how to read labels and why "Low Fat” or “Low Sugar" don't make something good for you.

Working Out and Not Losing Weight? We Have the Solution!

One of the common comments we hear from new people is, “I'm working hard, sticking to the diet and doing the workouts but the scale is not moving! What's going on?!”  Sound familiar? It’s perfectly normal. In the beginning, you may weigh the same for a while. This is because you are training and building new muscles. Sore muscles are a big indicator your body is focusing on tissue repair. As you use your body differently you’ll create microscopic tears in your muscles. Whenever your body needs repair, water and blood rush to that area to repair and water to protect during repair. Your body is changing. Your clothes are fitting differently. The scale will drop too, trust us.


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I’ve Helped Hundreds of People Get Fit, I Can Help You Too!

It’s not easy to change your lifestyle alone. Sometimes you need a coach, a motivator, or someone to hold you accountable until you break your old habits. That’s where I come in. Give me six months and I will help you reset your life. I will be there for you every step of the way. Forget the excuses. Food never solves problems. The only thing standing between you and feeling great is you! Take the first step and call me. Let’s get you in control again!

For more information about my fitness and nutrition training service contact me today at (248) 568–0322 or send me a message through my quick and easy contact form. I look forward to helping you improve your health!

Extremely Rewarding Program!
Hey Coach Chris, as I prepare for my 12th week under your guidance I wanted to thank you for everything you have taught me about training, diet and myself. There was never a time you weren't there to educate and support me on this journey. Every time I had a question, concern or needed a shove you were there to offer advice and encouragement. Your patience with me was above and beyond. Your program and coaching has taught me the value and benefits of self-discipline and determination and the rewards that go with it. So, thanks again coach. 
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