5 Tips to Losing Fat REALLY Fast!

  1. Portion control Pay attention to the amount of food on your plate. Your stomach is the size of two of your fists, maximum. Eyeball that on your plate and only eat that. You should also make sure at least 50% is veggies. Don't put yourself in a food coma.
  2. Overcome “Taste Takeover” Your favorite foods are meant to leave the amazing taste in your mouth, especially processed foods. That taste lingers and gives you a high, sending you back for more and keep you from putting your fork down. Have a glass of water to rinse your mouth to help fight that urge when you're done.
  3. Don't go back for seconds! Make sure you put food away after you put it on your plate. If you set the food next to your plate, you're more apt to grab seconds.
  4. Take sugar out of your diet, period. It has no nutritional value at all. Your body will use very little as energy and store the rest as fat. Drink water or unsweetened teas only.
  5. Keep fruit to morning even though it has vitamins and antioxidants, it's still full of sugar. Your body can only burn sugar or fat, not both at one time. 

Advanced Tips for Healthier Eaters Into Fitness

  1. When eating clean, don't forget about sodium. You want to add a touch of sea salt to your food, because very clean eating will have a lack of sodium, and you need it to run your thyroid. Your thyroid controls your metabolism
  2. Stop eating dry carbs after 4pm, or in the last quarter of your day. You don't need them and after that, they will only give you energy and mess up sleep patterns.
  3. When lifting weights, don't lift for more then 45mins, move quickly, short rests, work hard, but don't go past 45mins. Your body stresses, becomes depleted of glycogen stores and cortisol rises.
I Learned Healthier Habits that Changed My Life!
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